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Started in New York City in 2014, Derek brings "Playbills, Programs and Visitor Guides" of one theatre to another. He's brought some of the best of the best together to create a moment off stage. Best known for the Stratford Visitor Guide Book series featuring Paul Alexender Nolan launched in 2014 and for Derek's world famous #CrazySockTheatreProject. Currently starring Petrina Bromley from the smash hit broadway musical "Come From Away".

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 12.21.15 AM
Anne, Derek Revel King and I
Derek and Robin Bright Star Stratford
Derek and Keely Stratford guide
Derek, Paul Bright Star
Anne and Derek Revel Bright Star Stratford
Ian lake and Derek Bright Star
Eldon Bright Star Stratford
Gabe, Matt and Derek Bright Start Stratford
Kira, Derek, Paul Docotr Zhivago
Paul and Derek ONCE

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