Strictly Stratford Socks (formally known as Crazy Sock Theatre Project) is the culmination of two friends’ love of theatre and socks. Beginning during the 61st season of The Stratford Festival in 2013, Paul Alexander Nolan asked people to send him socks that he would wear during Fiddler On The Roof, and he would post the photos of his new socks on his Twitter account. Derek happened to be one the first of Paul’s friends to send socks to him. Paul asked for crazy socks, and he got what he was asking for and more than that. During the season, Derek sent over ten pairs of socks and #Socks4Paul was born. Paul posted photos of the socks he got all season long.


In December 2014, Paul landed the title role in “Once: The Musical” on Broadway. The socks followed. Between December 2014 and January 2015, Derek sent over 30 pairs of socks to Paul in New York. Derek visited 4 times to hand deliver select socks.


Following the closing of Once on Broadway on January 8th, 2015, Paul then landed a title role in Doctor Zhivago also on Broadway. The socks followed. By this time, fans of Paul’s had taken notice of the growing number of sock-related tweets on his Twitter account and began to send and bring socks to the shows. Doctor Zhivago closed May 10th, 2015 but it was not the end of #Socks4Paul.


In early 2016, with the increased number of socks given not only to Paul but his friends on stage around Canada and the US, Derek wanted to create a way to connect the stories together so sharing them on social media would be easier. #CrazySockTheatreProject was born in February 2016 to cover all the sock givings that were taking place. The project has been a wild success for Derek, Paul, and friends. Paul has had many interviews over the years asking about the socks.

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