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About stratRED Industries 

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(1) 519 328 0904

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stratRED Industries owns and operates a number of companies located in Stratford, Ontario Canada including Strictly Stratford Productions and The Coach, and Koala Theatre Productions and Consulting. stratRED Industries main focus in the theatre and entertainment industry. Our motto is "Where our passion for Stratford explodes?" 


Derek Andrew Gabriel Kelly, the Chief Executive Officer has built a 25-year reputation within the theatre industry in Southwestern Ontario. Along with being classically trained from workshops and training opportunities with The Stratford Festival and theatre organizations like Off The Wall, Stratford Artist's Alliance and a diploma in Theatre Arts - Techincal Production from Fanshawe College, Derek has also a spent significant amount of number working in the theatre and entertainment industry out of Toronto with companies like PSAV Canada (Now Encore), PRG Canada and CCR Solutions. 

Derek is proud to return to Stratford and to reimagine theatre in Stratford. 

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